Sydney Sweeney Does It: The Brilliant Tactics That Made ‘Anyone But You’ a Blockbuster

Sydney Sweeney

Smitten and Successful: How Sydney Sweeney’s Savvy Marketing Sparked Rom-Com Gold

In the hallowed halls of romantic comedy history, a new power couple has cemented their place. Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell’s crackling on-screen chemistry in “Anyone But You” had viewers utterly bewitched. But it was Sweeney’s brilliant marketing mind that truly sealed this rom-com’s runaway success.

The “Euphoria” starlet, who also executive produced the Shakespeare-inspired romp, orchestrated a promotional tour so scorching, it left fans breathlessly hoping the co-stars’ electric rapport extended beyond the screen. “Sydney is very smart,” Powell disclosed to The New York Times. “The two things you have to sell a rom-com are fun and chemistry. Sydney and I have a ton of both, and we leaned into it beautifully.”

Their flirtatious interview banter, longing red carpet gazes, and teasing social media repartee ignited rumors of a real-life romance. Despite Sweeney shooting down any off-screen trysts as “obviously not true,” the buzz propelled “Anyone But You” to eye-popping box office heights.

Sydney Sweeney

“I was on every call, in every text group, probably keeping the Sony marketing team awake with all my ideas,” Sweeney revealed. “I wanted an active conversation with the audience as we promoted this, because they create the entire narrative.”

The narrative they spun was utterly delectable. Sweeney starred as the feisty Bea, whose loathing for her ex-fling Ben (Powell) is reignited when they reunite at a Australian wedding. Deciding to fake date to save face, the bickering duo’s intense attraction inevitably overpowers their disdain. The sizzling push-pull propelled by Sweeney and Powell’s off-the-charts chemistry made for a tantalizing will-they-or-won’t-they tease.

Helping fuel the fervor were reports that Powell had recently split from his long-term girlfriend during the promo tour. Though he’s remained tight-lipped on the matter, the potential romantic availability added extra frisson to his smoldering on-screen rapport with Sweeney, who’s engaged to producer Jonathan Davino.

The beguiling “Anyone But You” marketing blitz paid off in spades. The R-rated romp amassed over $200 million globally, reviving the romantic comedy genre after a major dry spell. “You’ve got to get all the ingredients just right – the story, cast, chemistry, ending,” expounded Sony chief Tom Rothman. “If you’re going to make a rom-com for theaters, it better be good.”

With Sweeney’s promotional mastery and her palpable fireworks opposite Powell, “Anyone But You” was a five-star rom-com delight. By embracing the glamorous spectacle of a scorching movie star pairing, the tantalizing twosome charmed millions into theaters. Here’s hoping they reteam soon to recreate the sensational magic.

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