Christian Louboutin So Kate Review 2023 – The Pumps Expert Review Pro and Cons!

In this Christian Louboutin So Kate review, As a shoe expert with years of experience reviewing luxury heels, I’ve compiled everything you need to know about the So Kate pump in this comprehensive review.  The Christian Louboutin So Kate pump is considered one of the most iconic and coveted stilettos in women’s footwear. With its sky-high 120mm heel and signature lacquered red sole, this shoe makes a bold high fashion statement.


Christian Louboutin So Kate review
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An Overview of the Christian Louboutin So Kate Review

The So Kate has developed a reputation as a difficult yet highly desirable shoe adored by celebrities like Kim Kardashian. Its extreme height adds to the allure but also makes proper fit absolutely critical for comfort and walkability. Christian Louboutin So Kate pump is certainly not suited for the faint of heart and requires dedication to master walking in them. However, for those who can successfully style them, the rewards are abundant thanks to the sensational silhouette created by the 120mm heel. So selecting your first pair of Christain Louboutin can be a major challenge but we have already covered that in our Christian Louboutin review section.

Background on this Iconic Shoe

Christian Louboutin first introduced the So Kate in 2013 as part of the brand’s Fall/Winter collection. It was named after British supermodel Kate Moss, who Louboutin considered the epitome of femininity, grace and confidence.

At a record-breaking 120mm height, the So Kate holds the title of Louboutin’s highest stiletto yet. But beyond just its ambitious height, the pump makes a dramatic statement with its razor-thin heel, pointed toe, and streamlined shape. Over the past decade, the So Kate has become one of Louboutin’s most identifiable and coveted styles, renowned for its leg-lengthening, head-turning effect.

Christian Louboutin So Kate Pump
Source : Christian Louboutin So Kate

Notable Design Elements

What sets the So Kate apart? In this Christian Louboutin So Kate review here are the key design features:

  • The signature 120mm stiletto heel for sensational height
  • Ultra-sharp pointed toe to elongate the look of the legs
  • Luxe Italian leather construction that molds to the feet
  • Louboutin’s iconic glossy red lacquered sole
  • A minimalist style that places emphasis solely on the daring thin heel

For Louboutin enthusiasts, these defining traits make the So Kate a must-have shoe.

Finding Your Ideal Size

Getting the sizing precisely right is critical yet tricky with the So Kate. Here’s my expert advice:

  • These shoes fit small so sizing down is key. Start by going down a half to full size from your normal size.
  • They should fit snugly out of the box, with zero gap or slide at the back. Some tightness in the toe box is expected initially.
  • Avoid sizing up, even half a size, as it can cause heel slippage and unsteadiness.
  • Try before you buy if possible! Test out multiple sizes in a boutique with an associate’s help.
  • Be prepared to size down more than you may expect. Don’t assume your typical Louboutin size will fit.

Take the time to find your perfect size – it makes all the difference in comfort and style.

Comfort and Wearability

The So Kate’s 120mm stiletto heel does compromise comfort for high fashion style. Here’s what to expect:

  • They’ll feel very snug and rigid at first. Breaking them in requires persistence through discomfort.
  • Practice walking at home to gradually build up tolerance before going out.
  • Consider adding gel inserts for extra padding and comfort.
  • Reserve the So Kate for occasions requiring minimal standing or walking. They aren’t suitable for all-day wear.
  • Carry a back-up pair of shoes to change into. Be ready to give feet a break when needed.

For some, reasonable expectations and practice can lead to mastering the So Kate. Know your limitations!

Care and Maintenance

With proper care, a quality pair of So Kates has the potential to last 3-5 years. Here are some care tips:

  • Use leather conditioners and protectants to prevent damage over time.
  • Avoid wearing in rain or snow. The materials aren’t waterproof.
  • Store in soft cloth shoe bags when not wearing to prevent scuffs.
  • Expect to replace worn out heel tips every 1-2 years depending on frequency of wear.
  • Consider re-soling through Louboutin when the red soles show excess wear.

With some TLC, your So Kates can stand the test of time while retaining their sensational look.

Styling Your So Kates

When styling outfits around the So Kate pumps, it’s best to let the shoes steal the show. Here are my top style tips:

  • Opt for streamlined, solid colored outfits in minimalist shapes. Avoid bold prints or fabrics.
  • Pair with body-hugging pencil skirts to showcase those legs.
  • For weekend casual chic, style with cuffed skinny jeans.
  • Make a show-stopping entrance at formal events with a short cocktail dress.
  • Avoid bulky, voluminous fabrics that conceal the shoes.

Feel free to get creative, but keep styling sleek and fitted to let this sexy heel shine.

Are So Kates Worth the Investment?

Christian Louboutin So Kate Pump
Source: Christian Louboutin

With a price point of $775 – $845, the So Kate pump is certainly a splurge. But in my expert opinion, it’s worth every penny, for these reasons:

  • The sensual silhouette and timeless minimalism will stay on-trend for years as a wise fashion investment.
  • Meticulously crafted in Italy from the finest materials to mold to the feet.
  • Instantly elevates any outfit and makes you feel confident and empowered.
  • Owning this elite Louboutin style conveys luxury status.
  • The extreme arch adds literal and metaphorical height!

For serious shoe lovers, the So Kate’s stylistic impact outweighs the expensive price tag. Save up for these hot heels!

Pros and Cons of the So Kate


  • Creates an instantly sexy, leg-lengthening silhouette
  • Ultra-sleek and minimalist aesthetic is timeless
  • Owning this iconic Louboutin style conveys luxury status
  • Italian craftsmanship and quality leather materials
  • True showstopper that makes a bold fashion statement


  • Very precarious and difficult to walk in for some people
  • The 120mm height severely limits wearability and comfort
  • Pointed toe can be too narrow and irritating for wide feet
  • Requires patience and effort to properly break-in
  • Delicate materials like leather and heels require care
  • Among the pricier end of designer heels at $775-$845


Additional Tips and Closing Thoughts

Here are some extra words of wisdom when it comes to styling and fitting the So Kate pump:

  • When trying on different sizes, be sure to do so at the end of the day when your feet are most swollen for the most accurate fit. Bring your typical shoe inserts or pads when sizing.
  • Consider hiring a professional cobbler to stretch the toe box and openings for a more customized, comfortable fit. This can make a world of difference!
  • Apply mole skin, bandages or gel pads to friction points on the toes and heels to prevent blisters and slipping while you break them in.
  • Spray the insides with alcohol to speed up the stretching and break-in process by drying out the leather quickly.
  • Opt for a pedicure with Gelous applied to seal the edges – this helps reduce abrasion along the sides of the toe box.
  • Don’t take chances with heels on uneven terrain outdoors – bring along shoe booties or slip-on rubber soles to protect the stiletto tips.
  • A snug fit should hug the foot almost like a sock – wiggle room defeats the purpose of the leg-elongating silhouette.
  • Don’t be afraid to customize with stylish accessories like ribbons, bows or crystal embellishments to make them your own.
  • If you simply can’t tolerate the 120mm height, ask your cobbler to lower the pitch of the heel by a few mm for some relief.

The Verdict: Should You Buy the So Kate?

In summary, the Christian Louboutin So Kate absolutely lives up to its reputation as one of the sexiest stilettos money can buy. With its leg-lengthening 120mm pitch and seductive pointed toe, this pump radiates sensuality.

However, its ambitious height severely reduces its functionality and tolerability for most people. Approach with realistic expectations, reserving the So Kate for occasional wear.

When properly sized and broken in, the So Kate’s leg-sculpting magic and head-turning allure is unmatched. For me as a shoe expert, the So Kate remains a must-have trophy shoe for any fashionista’s collection.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I’m happy to share my knowledge as a high heel specialist.


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