Selecting Your First Pair of Louboutins – A Guide for Discerning Shoe Lovers

As an avid Louboutin collector and lifelong heel enthusiast, I am devoted to helping women choose first pair of Louboutins and navigate the dizzying array of height, style, and sizing options when investing in these iconic red-soled stilettos.

In this extensive guide, I’ll share my proven insights from years of Louboutin research and ownership to ensure your inaugural pair provides unparalleled comfort, timeless elegance, and even a hint of sass.

Below you’ll discover:

  • An overview of Louboutin’s most popular silhouettes with style recommendations
  • How to select the ideal heel height for your body type and comfort
  • Keys to finding your perfect first pair of Louboutins size
  • Step-by-step advice for properly breaking them in
  • Care and maintenance tips to cherish them for a lifetime
  • Building a collection across styles and heel heights
  • Louboutin styling guidance for different occasions
  • Answering common questions and concerns

So whether completing your stiletto holy grail or gifting a fashionista friend, let’s delve into the fabulous world of Louboutin with your first pair of Louboutins. Soon you’ll have these iconic soles swooning at your feet.

Comparing the Iconic Louboutin Silhouettes and Styles

With dozens of signature stilettos to consider, deciding on your debut pair means first narrowing down your preferred silhouette. Three perennial best-selling styles rise above the rest:

first pair of Louboutins

The So Kate

Named after England’s elegant Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge, the So Kate exudes femininity with its slim rounded stiletto heel and longer, almond toe shape.

This elongated toe box intends to allow more room for toes to spread out comfortably. However, some find the excessive toe cleavage unflattering or difficult to walk in.

Overall, the So Kate creates a leggy, elegant silhouette especially suited for evening affairs and photography. Those with narrower feet tend to prefer The So Kate’s snug contoured shape.

The Pigalle Follies

The Pigalle Follies modernizes the original Pigalle style with a significantly thinner stiletto heel and smoothly tapered toe box. This creates an ultra-sleek shape many describe as a “ballerina on steroids”.

Trading some stability for delicateness, The Pigalle Follies must be handled with care. But its razor-thin profile showcases legs beautifully for everything from runway looks to black-tie events.

The Pigalle

The original Pigalle combines a slim stiletto heel with a shorter, almond-shaped toe box. This toe cleavage-enhancing shape became an instant sensual classic.

Of Louboutin’s three iconic silhouettes, the original Pigalle strikes the most versatile balance between slim elegance and day-long wearable comfort for many new owners.

When selecting my first pair, I chose the Pigalle style for its timeless silhouette. The partly hidden platform offers just enough lift without compromising that distinctive Louboutin arch.

For those unsure where to begin, try walking in each of these three styles. The right shape will click instantly – so have your credit card ready!

How to Choose the Perfect Heel Height Just for You

Beyond choosing a signature silhouette, Louboutin heel heights range dramatically from a stable 70mm kitten heel to a vertiginous 8-inch stiletto only suitable for fierce experts. Where should debut buyers begin?

Consider Your Experience Level and Comfort

Be honest about your skill walking in very high heels. New stiletto wearers will want to start around the 100mm range and gradually work their way higher once muscles develop and balance improves.

Meanwhile, seasoned veterans can make a bold 150mm So Kate statement right out the gate if they so dare! Trying various heights in store helps gauge your comfort zone.

Shoe Occasion and Purpose

Think about the main occasions where you’ll wear your Louboutins. A more sensible 85mm height could suit both the office and going out dancing equally. While 120-150mm styles cater specifically to formal galas and weddings or fierce photoshoots.

Have a wide variety of events coming up? Aim for a height like 100-120mm hitting that sweet spot of adding dramatic allure while remaining reasonably walkable.

Consider Your Leg to Body Proportion

Higher heels visually lengthen legs, making them perfect for shorter girls. The extra inches achieve the leggy supermodel effect. Taller women can opt for lower heels to avoid looking awkwardly elongated.

Try both a low-high heel to see what complements your physique best. There are no rules – go with what makes you feel fierce and fabulous!

For my 5’7″ frame, 100-120mm gives me height while still looking balanced. Beware half sizes – Louboutin’s European sizing only increases in full numbers. Round up or down accordingly to your fit.

Mastering the Sizing: Tips for Finding Your Perfect First pair of Louboutins Fit

Along with choosing your optimal heel height, finding your ideal first pair of Louboutins size requires navigating their non-standard sizing quirks. Their notoriously narrow toe boxes and lack of half sizes makes selecting the perfect size a precarious endeavor.

Fear not – I’m about to crack the sizing code so you can enjoy a flawless custom fit:

Should You Size Up or Down?

Many advise sizing up half a size or more from your typical US size. As a standard size 9.5, I took a gamble on a size 39. My first pair of Louboutins felt snug initially but molded to my feet beautifully after several wears.

However, those with narrower feet or wanting that signature tight custom fit may opt for their standard size or just a half size up. The right size ultimately comes down to preference and toe shape.

Trying Them On is Critical

Do not rely on your regular size – you must try them on. Walk around the boutique in different sizes and pay attention to width, toe box, and how they feel when standing versus sitting.

Bring your favorite brand of inserts or pads to test out for maximum comfort. Louboutins hug feet snugly so ensure you have just a touch of wiggle room for your toes.

Remember – They Will Stretch!

Louboutin’s leather craftsmanship ensures they mold flawlessly to feet over time. Select your size based on that perfect post-broken-in fit. Too big and they’ll remain loose forever.

Err on the slightly snug side knowing the materials will gradually give. Breaking them in properly expedites this custom molding process.

With this guidance, you can relax and embrace the thrill of that unboxing without sizing doubts or regrets. On to styling – let’s shine!

Step-By-Step Advice for Breaking In Your New First Pair of Louboutins

You’ve found the perfect pair – now comes the critical break-in period to maximize comfort. Don’t even think of showcasing those babies at events before properly preparing them (and your feet!) at home first.

Follow these pro tips to turn the notoriously stiff Louboutin heel into your most beloved glide:

Wear Them Indoors First

Before stepping outside, strut around the house to pre-mold them to your feet. Try carpets first, then walk carefully on hard floors. Wear them while doing light chores or watching TV to gently loosen them up.

Use Moleskin or Gel Pads

Moleskin, gel pads, or blister bandages on areas prone to rubbing help minimize pain. Focus on the toes, balls of feet, and back of the heel. Don’t be shy with the padding!

Try Inserts and Cushions

Consider adding ball of foot cushion inserts inside the toes or heel inserts to minimize slippage. Silicone inserts can reduce friction. Play with different combinations to maximize support.

Use Leather Stretcher Spray

Spray the interior generously with stretcher spray to relax the materials. Target the toe box rather than the heel area and allow to fully dry before wearing. Reapply daily at first.

Have Cobbler Install Protective Pads

Visit your cobbler and have them adhere protective rubber heel caps on the bottoms before first wear. This shields your soles from abrasion while breaking them in. Worth the small investment.

With tender loving care during those initial wears, your Louboutins will soon contour flawlessly to your feet. Then the real fun begins – let’s style!

Caring For Your Signature Soles: Maintenance Tips For Louboutins

As every Loubie lover knows, part of their mystique lies in those glossy red lacquered soles. But how durable is this eye-catching finish? Follow my care guidance so yours stay slick longer:

Reasonable Wear Is Expected

Some tip scuffing from wear is inevitable – these are shoes after all! Those resold in pristine condition likely saw limited actual use.

With vigilant care, expect gradual wear over time. But limit direct pavement walking and consider applying protective rubber pads under the balls of feet to minimize abrasion.

Beware Water Damage

Moisture is the enemy of patent leather. Protect against rain and spills which can leave permanent water marks. Act fast with dry towels if caught in a downpour.

Store Properly Between Wears

Allow to air and re-shape overnight after each use. Stuff toes with tissue to hold form. Store in sleek shoe bags out of direct sunlight.

Inspect Regularly

Check for inner sole wear, material stretching or damage after several wears. Visit your cobbler for repair needs to keep them looking radiant.

With thoughtful maintenance, your Louboutins will dazzle for a lifetime. Now let’s build your dream collection across styles and heel heights!

Curating Your Collection: Advice For Adding More Louboutins

Owning multiple pairs allows you to showcase Louboutin’s range while catering to different occasions and outfits. Here are my tips for diversifying your lineup:

Start with a Versatile Black or Nude

Every collection needs that perfect classic stiletto in either black or nude. They pair with anything and everything for day to night wear. Build from there into more bold colors and prints.

Consider Lower Heels For Daytime

Once you have your sexy evening pairs, try exploring lower heel styles like wedges or block heels perfect for the office or shopping. Expand your wear opportunities.

Mix Up Heights and Styles

Vary silhouettes between edgy So Kates, classic Pigalles and delicate Follies. And range heel heights from 85mm kitten heels up to your 140mm+ PR limit!

Shop Online For Deals

Once you know your size and style, search sites like TheRealReal for deals on pre-owned pairs. You can find great discounts on barely-worn Louboutins to grow your lineup.

Embrace the thrill of the hunt for your next iconic addition. A diverse Louboutin selection allows you to always put your best stiletto forward!

How to Style Your Louboutins For Different Occasions

first pair of Louboutins

One final delight of first pair of Louboutins ownership is discovering those perfect outfits to showcase your beloved heels for different events:

For the Office

Pair navy or black suits with a lower kitten heel or simple pump in a matching or neutral hue. Add a pop of red with a handbag or lipstick.

Girls’ Night Out

Strut sassy styles like the So Kate or Hot Chick in vibrant tones like red, pink or metallics ideal for cocktails or dancing. Show some leg with minis!

Black Tie Wedding

Elongate legs with a sleek pointed-toe Pigalle Follies or Iriza in a light neutral. Finish with an elegant updo to draw eyes down.


Go bright and bold with glossy patent Leighlods in a fun color. Pose to flaunt those iconic red soles in all their glory.

The beauty of Louboutins lies in their versatility – glam up jeans and a tee, or complete an evening gala gown. And ignore boring rules – you do you!

Answering Common Louboutin Questions and Concerns

While I hope this guide provides a comprehensive start, here are answers to a few more FAQs for first-time buyers:

How long is the break-in period? Expect at least 3-5 thorough wears allowing the materials to mold progressively. Don’t rush it!

Can I customize designs? Louboutin offers made-to-order customization of certain styles – for a price. Reach out to client services to begin the process.

Should I insure them? Consider adding them to your homeowners or renters policy. Otherwise research collectors insurance. Protect your investment!

Will Louboutins stretch over time? The leather does gradually loosen but not drastically. Take care not to overstretch by sizing too large.

Can Louboutins be resoled? Yes! Louboutin offers a red rubber soling service to replace worn lacquer. Contact your local boutique.

Do Louboutins ever go on sale? Very rarely, but occasionally you may find in-store promotions. Check the website for seasonal sales or hunt the resale market.

Start Your Louboutin Obsession Today!

What awaits you is so much more than just a pair of shoes – you’re embarking upon a lifelong passion starting with your first pair of Louboutins.

While the first purchase is daunting, take your time, find the perfect fit and style, and then care for them like the treasures they are.

Soon those seductive red soles will empower you to strut with confidence and elegance wherever you go. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without first pair of Louboutins before.

Let me know if any other questions arise during your fabulous foray into the world of these sensual stilettos. I’m always happy to chat shoes!


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