Britney Spears Faces Security Incident With Nba Star

Britney Spears Had A Security Incident

Britney Spears Had An Accidental Encounter With Security Assigned To Nba Draft Pick Victor Wembanyama

Spears Had Her Glasses Fall Off While Trying To Get Wembanyamas Attention

Spears Hasnt Received A Public Apology From His Security Team Or The Spurs

Fans Are Showing Their Support For Spears By Emphasizing The Need For An Apology

The Nba Summer League Debut Of Wembanyama Was Imminent

The San Antonio Spurs Selected Wembanyama As The Top Overall Pick

Fans Are Demanding An Apology For The Incident That Left Them Empathizing With Spears

Skip Bayless Hiatus Struggles To Find A Replacement For Shannon Sharpe