21 Opulent Oud Perfumes To Spritz This Season Story

This Season Learn More About Beauty 21 Opulent Oud Perfumes

In Recent Years Many Perfume Houses Have Offered Their Takes On The Classic Oud Scent

If Youre Interested In Trying An Oo Scent For The First Time Look No Further

Tom Ford Oud Wood Is A Cacophony Of Woody Notes

The Scent Opens With A Heady Mix Of Turkish And Bulgarian Rose And A Slightly Unexpected Hit Of Violet Flower

The Decadent Hit Of Praline Adds A Syrupy Gourmand Element To The Scent That Is Absolutely Delicious

It Is A Floral Scent With A Warm And Spicy Core

It Offers A Slightly Brighter Scent And A More Vibrant One Thanks To Its Top Notes Of Bergamette

The Oud Affair Opens With A Sweet Scent Of Honey And Ginger Which Makes It Feel Warm And Inviting