Size Chart – How to measure heels before ordering

Getting the right size is crucial when ordering high heels online. With the right fit, heels can make your legs look stunning. But shoes that are too small or too big can be downright painful and ruin the look.

Follow this sizing guide and measuring tutorial to find your perfect high heel fit.

Size Chart

Use this size chart to find your size in various international sizing systems. Remember that sizes can vary slightly across different brands, so use these as a starting point.


Measuring Foot Length

Follow these steps to accurately measure your foot length:


  1. Place your foot against a wall. Make sure your heel is flat against the wall.
  2. Mark the furthest point of your longest toe using a pencil or other marking tool.
  3. Measure from the wall to the mark in inches or centimeters.
  4. Record this length.
  5. Repeat for your other foot and use the longer length.

Your foot length in the size chart determines your base size.

Measuring Foot Width

Foot width determines if you need a narrow, regular, or wide width shoe.


  1. Place the measuring tool across the widest part of your foot. This is usually across the ball or metatarsal area.
  2. Record the width in inches or centimeters.
  3. Compare to the brand’s width chart to find your width size.

Measuring Insole, Outsole, and Inside Length

Use the product images to visualize the difference between insole, outsole, and inside heel lengths.


  • Insole length – Length of the removable insole insert
  • Outsole length – Length of the high heel sole exterior
  • Inside length – Interior distance from heel to toe

The inside length is your foot length measurement. The outsole is longer to account for the heel height. And the insole will be slightly shorter than your foot length.

Use all these measurements to find the ideal fitting heel height and size for your feet.

So follow this sizing guide, bust out the measuring tape, and you’ll be strutting confidently in stunning heels in no time! Let me know if you have any other fit questions. Happy heel hunting!